LOST MARY PSYPER Prefilled Pod Mad Blue 2500 Puffs 8ml



Puffs 2500 Puffs
Color Solid Color
Department Prefilled Pod
Liquid Capacity 8ml
Nicotine Strength 2%

Coil: Mesh Coil. The vape kit is equipped with mesh coil, It can not only meet the needs of different tastes and occasions, but also improve atomization efficiency and taste quality, reduce oil leakage and dry burning, and prolong service life and battery life.

Nicotine Strength: 2%. This product contains 20mg/ml nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Minors are prohibited from purchasing.

Design: Bottle-style. Lost Mary adopts the appearance of a small bottle-style vape juice, which looks delicate and cute.

Series: Lost Mary Prefilled Pod. The Lost Mary Psyper Prefilled Pod is your ticket to flavor exploration, boasting a wide range of more than a dozen flavors that cater to various preferences. These pods are thoughtfully crafted for use with the Psyper device’s side-by-side design, making vaping effortless.

Series: Lost Mary PSYPER. Unleash your inner vaping enthusiast with the PSYPER Prefilled Pod Kit, an exceptional device engineered to deliver an unrivaled vaping experience. This next-level pod kit combines advanced technology, unmatched convenience, and premium quality to provide you with a top-of-the-line product that caters to your every need.

Charging: Pre-charged. Embrace the simplicity of a device that’s ready to use right out of the box. With a pre-charged battery, you can enjoy your favorite flavors without any delays.

Brand: LOST MARY. Dive into a world of vaping sophistication with Lost Mary vape juice, where a captivating range of high-quality, delectable flavors awaits, ensuring that your vaping sessions are nothing short of extraordinary.

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Weight 1 kg

Mad Blue


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